About Us

Cafe Au Lait is Olympia’s go to for coffee and pastries. Established in 2001 in Olympia, Washington, Café au Lait Oly prides itself in supporting local business. All of our succulent pastries are delivered daily from other local small businesses in Olympia. We believe in supporting the local community. So much so that we decided use “Make Local Habit” as our motto. Café au Lait Oly offers a wide variety of coffees, smoothies, and pastries made from locally grown and organic ingredients. For hot beverages, we offer straight coffee beverages such as mocha, breve, or Café au Lait among others. For those who prefer a blended coffee flavor, we have spiced or vanilla Chai, low-carb mocha or vanilla drinks, and a delightful little brew, Dutch Chocolate Dream.

For colder drinks on hotter days, we have a wide variety of smoothies including strawberry peanut butter (made with organic peanut butter) and Wicked Wild Berry (a smooth mix of raspberry, marion berry and blackberry) to name just a couple. All drinks come in four different sizes (12 oz., 16 oz., 22 oz., and 24 oz.) for any size appetite.

At Café au Lait Oly, you will also find a delectable menu of Artisan Pastries, all delivered daily by other local businesses in the area. Left Bank Bakery provides wonderful macarons in a range of flavors and assorted croissants as well as other yummy tid-bits. San Francisco Street Bakery offers Mazurka Raspberry Oat Bars and Freckled Clown Nose Cookies. For the heartier appetite, Bagel Brothers delivers hot, filling breakfast burritos in sausage, ham, and veggie varieties. We also have a line of organic oatmeal provided by Umpqua Oats out of Henderson, Nevada.

Café au Lait Oly, in Olympia, Washington, is open from 5:30 am to 7:00 pm, Monday through Friday, and 7:00 am to 6:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday. You can find us on Facebook, Yelp, Goggle+, Twitter, and Instagram. Better yet, stop in and treat yourself to delectable treats and goodies! We are located at 2925 Harrison Ave NW in Olympia, Washington.

ee in Olympia

With over 15 years in business we were voted Best of Olympia by KING 5 News “Best of Olympia” in 2012 because we offer amazing coffee, a welcoming staff and an obsession with delivering unbelievable customer service consistently. We serve organic fair trade coffee and local artisan baked goods. Along with our one of a kind coffee, we offer all natural made smoothies made with SmoothieCeuticals and fresh cold press juices. Stop by Cafe Au Lait and enjoy the finest in Western Washington!

Support the Local Community

With every coffepurchase you are helping our local economy thrive! We purchase most of our ingredients locally from everyday folk just trying to grow their own small business. Cafe Au also supports fair trade and social justice. We are proud to say that we serve one of the tastiest, socially conscious cups of coffee around. Our wide selection of beverages range from organic espresso to all natural fruit juice and we are sure to have the right drink for you.