Coffee Facts


Coffee is one of the most popular and ubiquitous drinks in the world. For Americans, a love of coffee is a way to both connect with a large, passionate community and to stamp one’s own unique mark on the world.

Coffee has become the heartbeat of America. Studies show that 54% of all American adults drink coffee everyday. Around 10% of Americans enjoy a specialty coffee daily, most often in the form of espresso drinks and iced coffees. Coffee shops are sprouting up on every street corner in cities across America. Seattle has the most amount of coffee shops with almost 15 shops per 100,000 residents. Manhattan and San Francisco round out the top three, boasting 9 shops per 100,000 residents. Not far behind, with about 4-5 for every 100,000 residents, are Pittsburgh and Chicago. Coffee is taking over our biggest cities, so what do you need to know about America’s favorite beverage? coffee facts

Firstly, despite how frequently coffee is enjoyed by millions of Americans, not many people know that there are actually about 50 different species of coffee. However, only 2 species are commonly used in commercial coffee production: arabica and robusta.

Though all of our coffee may typically come from two species, coffee is a highly versatile drink that offers people the perfect way to start their days with a little self-expression. For 65% of coffee drinkers, the best way to enjoy their brew is by adding some cream and sugar. The remaining 35% say that enjoying their coffee black is the only way to go.

Secondly, there are many different reasons that people drink coffee. In fact, it would seem that gender can even affect the way some view and consume coffee. For women, drinking coffee tends to be seen as a good way to relax. For men, coffee tends to be tool that helps them get their jobs done. However, for your average coffee drinkers, mornings are just too much to bear without a little cup of joy. About 60% of coffee drinkers say they need coffee to start their days. Some coffee drinkers, about 54%, say that they do not even feel like their “real self” until they have their first cup. Coffee has even found its place on the top of most drinkers’ morning routines. About 68% of coffee drinkers say they have their first cup within an hour of waking up.

The reason so many people feel the need for coffee to get their mornings started is because coffee is an excellent natural source of caffeine. Those looking for the biggest morning jolt should look to light coffee because it actually has more caffeine than dark coffees. This is because dark coffee has been roasted longer and a longer roast means that more caffeine has been cooked out of the beans.

So light or dark, with sugar or black, you have everything you need to know about your favorite cup of coffee.