For The Love of Iced Coffee


Iced coffee has become an increasingly popular drink with young adults, and millennials in particular. There are a number of ways of preparing ice coffee. The most obvious one being to simply add ice cubes to your existing cup of coffee in order to cool it down and have a refreshing coffee experience.

The ice coffee that is consumed en masse from coffee shops globally is actually created out of a powder form. A powdered mixture of coffee beans, sugar and milk substances is added to ice, water, and sometimes milk or cream and blended together to form what could be understood as an icy coffee flavoured milk shake.

Ice coffee’s origins are believed to have been started in Greece in mid 1950s. A Greek coffee roaster called Dimitrios Vakondios blended coffee, milk, sugar and ice cubes in his café on a hot summers day with his electric blender, and hence ice coffee was formed.iced coffee

The question arises as to what the reason for the increasing popularity in drinking ice coffee is? Is it because it is simply more refreshing to drink an iced drink on a hot day than to drink a cold one? An investigation into this question produced an interesting result.

One researcher proposed that it was due to the fact that kids of today are used to drink sugary filled soft drinks and juices, and are simply supplementing their existing diets with ice coffee (which is generally a lot sweeter and softer on the palette than drinking a normal brew). Ice coffee can be seen as the gateway for a teenager to start drinking coffee in general, as it can be seen as a soft drink or a milk shake, and not as a coffee at all.

Retail coffee chains have capitalized on the ice coffee market, especially in the hot summer months, by introducing different flavour ice coffees into their stores. One can now choose from a variety of caramel or chocolate infused ice coffees, with flavoured syrups, creams and sugars added for extra sweet flavour. The possibility of ice coffee combinations are priceless as they become ever popular with the younger generation.