Why Cafe Au Lait?

What is the best thing about going to a coffee shop? What do you look forward to the most when going to your local coffee shop and smelling your  favorite brew? Maybe it’s the coffee, hot or cold, straight up joe or whipped and blended with your favorite flavor. Perhaps a great variety of the freshest, locally-baked pastries, cookies and bagels brings you back. Or you might be in the mood for a cool, delicious smoothie, packed with whole food nutrition as a snack or a midday meal.

Whatever it is that brings you to Cafe Au Lait, you should be getting the very best. Organic, locally sourced ingredients and freshly made food. People who care about your experience and who love to deliver outstanding service. A warm and welcoming face.

This is what YOU deserve.

That great experience is our number one goal at Café Au Lait in Olympia. We open these doors every day hoping that you will come in and really enjoy your stay with us. Only the very best coffees, 100% organic whole fruit smoothies and artisan-baked specialties are served here. And, as customers tell us, there is something so great about having the barista get to know you by name and what you like.

As one customer told us;

“I recently started drinking coffee and the girls have been so knowledgeable and helpful! I love going here, you can tell the girls love being there and are always so sweet and trying to get to know their guests! I get the white coffee and it is sooooo yummy! Quick, too.”

Locally roasted beans are used to make yummy Hot Beverages like Café au Lait, Mocha, Mocha Breve and more. Or how about one of our simply sweet and sinful Blended Delights like a Mocha or Vanilla, Spiced or Vanilla Chai, Heath Bar, or White Chocolate Dream?

When your stomach is growling, it needs a treat that makes it as happy as your taste buds. That’s when one of our locally-baked, fresh every day, artisan pastries, cookies or bagels goes great with your brew. Try a Ham and Cheese Croissant or Chocolate Croissant from Left Bank Bakery Pastries. Munch on an outrageous Mazurka Raspberry Oat Bar or Freckled Clown Nose Cookies from San Francisco Street Bakery. Get real on some Umpqua Oats Salted Caramel Oats or a slice of Babbette’s Bakery’s banana bread. If you are craving something hot and savory, you must experience a sausage, ham or vegetarian breakfast burrito with egg, cheese and green pepper

Sometimes nothing hits the spot like a real fruit smoothie. Café Au Lait has got you covered with the finest Dr. Smoothies, 100% organic, whole fruit smoothies and nutrition boosters.
Come on in to Café Au Lait and meet our friendly baristas, they’d love to get to know you and memorize your favorites. You deserve the best, why settle for less? See you at Café Au Lait.